May 03
Gen X and Millennials are teaching the iGeneration. Is your technology ready?

Have you thought about the generations that are now teaching our children? 

How well do you know your XYZs?


Gen X (36-57 yrs.) has seen a massive growth in daily life technology.  From the beginning of cable television, home computers and cordless phones to our On-Demand digital life today with handheld 24-7 information and communication.  Gen X has been the first generation of parents, and teachers, having to navigate children through this, sometimes frightening, instant information age. 

Gen Y, the Millennial generation, (35-17 yrs.) is the first to come of age with cable TV, the Internet and cell phones, so technology is essentially baked into every Millennial's DNA.

Gen Z or the iGeneration (16 yrs. & under) is the most technologically saturated generation our world has ever seen. They are digitally transformed – seamlessly integrating technology into their everyday realities. They are the children and students of Gen X AND Gen Y. 

The XYZs all live their lives constantly connected with instant digital, visual, interactive information available to them in handheld, tablet and/or PC form virtually every minute of every day.

Most students today have access to computers or smart phone which are inherently interactive devices.  Students, and teachers, engage readily with technology in the classroom because they are comfortable with and enjoy interactive technology.  This is how these generations are accustomed to interacting with information and with each other.  Technology in education is no longer a luxury.  Instructional technology is how you speak the language of this generation.

Oct 13
Sound Stage Sponsoring AIA Orlando CEU Cram

​Sound Stage, Inc., an Orlando-based audio-video systems integrator, is proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming CEU CRAM 2016 on October 27th.  We will be sponsoring two courses: 1) Speech Privacy & Sound Masking in Modern Architecture, presented by Cambridge Sound Management, and 2) Designing Media Walls, presented by Planar Systems, Inc.

"Speech Privacy & Sound Masking in Modern Architecture" presents research which has found that current work environments are fulfilling the needs for collaboration and communication, but are doing a poor job of providing an acoustical environment free from distractions and conducive for productivity and speech privacy.  Upon course completion, participants will leave with an understanding of how to identify interior design factors that will signal the need for sound masking and approaches to address the issues.

"Designing Media Walls" provides a primer on video wall technology and offers key considerations for specifying a video wall. It begins with the origins of video walls and reviews various modular video display technologies. It outlines 16 technical specifications and offers four categories of questions to ask before choosing a media wall solution. The course then profiles a set of media wall applications and case studies. It concludes with a summary of industry trends followed by key considerations for assembling a complete solution. Upon course completion, participants should feel prepared to assemble the necessary components to specify a media wall into their project.

Sound Stage Inc., a nationally recognized system integrator, has been providing our clients with the very best in audio-visual system design since 1982. With over 50 years of combined experience in the field of audio, visual and systems integration, you can be assured of receiving not only cutting-edge design but also the professional service you deserve. Our goal is to work with you from the inception of your project through the life of your system.

Course Information

  • Presentation Title: Speech Privacy & Sound Masking in Modern Architecture
    • Credits (for AIA members): 1 LU
    • Sponsor: Cambridge Sound Management
  • Presentation Title: Designing Media Walls
    • Credits (for AIA members): 1 LU
    • Sponsor: Planar Systems, Inc.

Orlando AIA CRAM 2016

NOTE: Workshop courses will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is recommended that you submit you completed registration form early! Registration forms should be submitted to by October 14, 2016



Aug 12
Mort Elementary Community School Corporate Partnership

​Being a parent changes your perspective in so many ways.  Being a parent suddenly makes you even more empathetic to the struggles facing many families. Being a parent makes you acutely aware of how critical the public school system is to your child's future. Being a parent was one of the reasons Systems Consultant, Joe Forbes, asked Sound Stage to become a corporate sponsor by donating a five display digital signage system to Mort Elementary School

Mort Elementary, in Hillsborough County, opened this school year as a newly evolved Community School.  Nearly 100% funded through community partners, their vision is to create an innovative environment which empowers students, encourages parents, enriches families and elevates the community.

Our Sound Stage office is in the Orlando where there is also a new Community School, Evans High School.  This school, which is also in an economically challenged area of town, has seen great success with this model, the attendance has risen, the graduation rate was higher and the school grade has improved.  Supporting the entire family is proving to do great things for the future of the children in these districts. 

At Mort Elementary the school is broken into five houses. Perseverance, Courage, Determination, Respect and Loyalty. And, like in the Hogwarts School in the fictional world of Harry Potter, the houses have a little friendly competition.  Each day the points for each house will be displayed on a five display digital signage system.  Sound Stage Project Consultant, Carlyle Carson, used Tightrope Software to create custom content which is delivered to the displays by a BrightSign player.  This system give us the ability to remotely monitor and update content in real time. 

We are happy to have been able to contribute to this new chapter in the life of this school. 

 Mort Elementary Community School (23).JPGMort Elementary Community School (23a).JPGMort Elementary Community School (22).JPG

Jul 08
Huge Applause to new CTS holder, Ben Wittig!

Ben Wittig, Sound Stage Programmer.JPGWe need to give a huge shout out to Production Assistant/Programmer, Ben Wittig, for passing his InfoComm International CTS exam yesterday. Ben came to us as a totally green intern last summer straight out of high school. Since then he has been through, and traveled to, multiple Crestron and AMX trainings along with Atlona Technologies, Biamp Systems & BrightSign, LLC. And now, at 19 and without taking the prep class, he's passed his CTS exam! In this short year Ben has become an integral part of our production team helping commission systems including working out programming bugs. Currently he is programming his first Crestron project from the ground up for an impressive install First Baptist Church Winter Park. We are all exceedinly proud of this kid. He's become such a huge asset to our team. #soundstageinternprogram #nscaignite @nsca_ignite

Apr 29
Tacos & Tigerpaw

​I really should have been taking pictures all month.  The sights & sounds around our offices lately has been people quietly staring at their computer monitors with headphones on.  It was kind of a funny sight as we all dove head first into Tigerpaw software training webinars. 

We have had the fortunate problem of quick growth.  With that came some new people, new positions, promotions and need for streaming lining and integrating processes.  Welcome Tigerpaw!

We discovered training modules assign you points as you complete them, look out, the gloves were off.  Didn't realize we had such a competitive group around here.  These points even rank you nationally amongst all Tigerpaw users. Operations Manager, (and Tigerpaw guru), Andy McClelland, was in the lead for quite a while in the office and in the country, but then Service Tech, Romane Roach & Warehouse Tech, Rob Carson, dove in and down he went. 

Rob is currently ranked #1 nationally!  He may wish he weren't because guess who's coming to him with questions… this girl right here.  Romane is 4th nationally, Andy 5th, Carlyle 9th and super new guy Ben is 18th!  Pretty impressive.  It's a ton of information on every aspect of our job cycle.  I am ashamed to say I do not rank nationally and am currently in 13th position, out of 28, in our office.  But I'm done with what I was assigned so I can still proud of myself right?  Now I need to start working on marketing templates. 

Are you still wondering how the tacos fit in?  I was getting there.  Last week Andy was telling us of his quest for the perfect taco, with the perfect shell & with the perfect crunch.  This was a very visual description, lots of intense facial expressions and hand motions.  So of course I had to suggest taco bar day at the office, and he was in charge of brining "the perfect shells".  Finding a day when everyone around was the tricky part, and we actually kind of failed a bit there, but we did our best.  Andy was planning on holding several department meetings to discuss where they were with their Tigerpaw training and to trade knowledge and suggestions.  Lots of meetings, most of the hungry guys, Tacos & Tigerpaw hit the calendar. 

Huge success!  We needed that.  It's been a long few weeks of listening, learning & practicing while still keeping the wheels turning around here.  A break for some awesome food and some laughs was just the ticket.

Tacos & Tigerpaw (16).JPG 

Apr 11
Welcome to new Systems Consultant Ben Rowley

​We would like to announce an exciting addition to our team.  Ben Rowley joins us as a new Systems Consultant.  He will be focusing on the House of Worship market. 

Ben comes to us with extensive technical knowledge and relationships within the house of worship industry.  He has done work for various churches as a music minister, AV tech, and youth pastor over the past ten years along with various other administrative rolls.

Ben Rowley Sound Stage Systems Consultant resize.jpg 

Feb 26
Sound & Communications article about St. Teresa installation

​Big thank you to Anthony Vargas of Sound & Communications for the fantastic article on our install at Saint Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in Titusville, FL. #churchavSt. Teresa.JPG

Jan 12
Gremlins Were at the Helm Today

​Well it is official, we cannot function without the most basic in technological advances… email.  Our office staff was brought to a standstill today by a glitch in this one essential communication tool.

Gremlins had a firm and annoying hold over us today

The ripple effect over the mood around here was quite comical, except for the two fellas trying to get us up and running again.  Our typically efficient happy family turned into confused whiny toddlers.  People were wandering the halls telling anyone that would listen what was going on and what they were not able to accomplish as a result, because it was only happening to that one person you see…wink, wink.  The Keurig machine has been very popular today.

Got me to wondering how on earth business was conducted "back in the day", maybe a mind blowing 10 years ago!  On the cusp of email, text messages, phone/video conferencing to connect anyone anywhere anytime and smart phones that allow constant contact to all of it.  Here we are, an Integration Solutions company with field technicians all over town installing and servicing communication and presentation technology systems that are as essential and completely relied upon as phone conversations, snail mail and out of town business meetings were not that long ago. 

The photographer in me was drug out of the darkroom and into this digital age kicking and screaming (I will forever and always argue that film is better – insert microphone drop) but as annoying as the Gremlins were today I don't think any of us would choose to replace any one of our digital instant gratification time saving advances with those dinosaurs of yesteryear. 

And thank goodness for that..

Give Sound Stage a call for an upgrade into this digital world.  407-679-5090  


Jan 04
Another CTS holder!

​A round of applause for our Production Manager, Greg Begland, for his recent InfoComm CTS certification!  We are very proud that now 32% of our team are CTS holders.  Greg joins, VP Chet Neal, Operations Manager Andrew McClelland, Service Manager Travis Weiss, Project Manager Adam Fletcher, Engineer Ryan Fletcher and Systems Consultant Joe Forbes.

Greg Begland CTS.jpg 

Dec 09
On Deck: Projects of the Oh-So-Close-To Top 50 Integrators

​We are very honored to be featured in Systems Contrator News (SCN) magazine as one of the intergrators to watch.  Next year will be in the top 50! 

SCN Top 50.jpg 

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