Gremlins Were at the Helm Today

Jan 12
Gremlins Were at the Helm Today

​Well it is official, we cannot function without the most basic in technological advances… email.  Our office staff was brought to a standstill today by a glitch in this one essential communication tool.

Gremlins had a firm and annoying hold over us today

The ripple effect over the mood around here was quite comical, except for the two fellas trying to get us up and running again.  Our typically efficient happy family turned into confused whiny toddlers.  People were wandering the halls telling anyone that would listen what was going on and what they were not able to accomplish as a result, because it was only happening to that one person you see…wink, wink.  The Keurig machine has been very popular today.

Got me to wondering how on earth business was conducted "back in the day", maybe a mind blowing 10 years ago!  On the cusp of email, text messages, phone/video conferencing to connect anyone anywhere anytime and smart phones that allow constant contact to all of it.  Here we are, an Integration Solutions company with field technicians all over town installing and servicing communication and presentation technology systems that are as essential and completely relied upon as phone conversations, snail mail and out of town business meetings were not that long ago. 

The photographer in me was drug out of the darkroom and into this digital age kicking and screaming (I will forever and always argue that film is better – insert microphone drop) but as annoying as the Gremlins were today I don't think any of us would choose to replace any one of our digital instant gratification time saving advances with those dinosaurs of yesteryear. 

And thank goodness for that..

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