Tacos & Tigerpaw

Apr 29
Tacos & Tigerpaw

​I really should have been taking pictures all month.  The sights & sounds around our offices lately has been people quietly staring at their computer monitors with headphones on.  It was kind of a funny sight as we all dove head first into Tigerpaw software training webinars. 

We have had the fortunate problem of quick growth.  With that came some new people, new positions, promotions and need for streaming lining and integrating processes.  Welcome Tigerpaw!

We discovered training modules assign you points as you complete them, look out, the gloves were off.  Didn't realize we had such a competitive group around here.  These points even rank you nationally amongst all Tigerpaw users. Operations Manager, (and Tigerpaw guru), Andy McClelland, was in the lead for quite a while in the office and in the country, but then Service Tech, Romane Roach & Warehouse Tech, Rob Carson, dove in and down he went. 

Rob is currently ranked #1 nationally!  He may wish he weren't because guess who's coming to him with questions… this girl right here.  Romane is 4th nationally, Andy 5th, Carlyle 9th and super new guy Ben is 18th!  Pretty impressive.  It's a ton of information on every aspect of our job cycle.  I am ashamed to say I do not rank nationally and am currently in 13th position, out of 28, in our office.  But I'm done with what I was assigned so I can still proud of myself right?  Now I need to start working on marketing templates. 

Are you still wondering how the tacos fit in?  I was getting there.  Last week Andy was telling us of his quest for the perfect taco, with the perfect shell & with the perfect crunch.  This was a very visual description, lots of intense facial expressions and hand motions.  So of course I had to suggest taco bar day at the office, and he was in charge of brining "the perfect shells".  Finding a day when everyone around was the tricky part, and we actually kind of failed a bit there, but we did our best.  Andy was planning on holding several department meetings to discuss where they were with their Tigerpaw training and to trade knowledge and suggestions.  Lots of meetings, most of the hungry guys, Tacos & Tigerpaw hit the calendar. 

Huge success!  We needed that.  It's been a long few weeks of listening, learning & practicing while still keeping the wheels turning around here.  A break for some awesome food and some laughs was just the ticket.

Tacos & Tigerpaw (16).JPG