Mort Elementary Community School Corporate Partnership

Aug 12
Mort Elementary Community School Corporate Partnership

​Being a parent changes your perspective in so many ways.  Being a parent suddenly makes you even more empathetic to the struggles facing many families. Being a parent makes you acutely aware of how critical the public school system is to your child's future. Being a parent was one of the reasons Systems Consultant, Joe Forbes, asked Sound Stage to become a corporate sponsor by donating a five display digital signage system to Mort Elementary School

Mort Elementary, in Hillsborough County, opened this school year as a newly evolved Community School.  Nearly 100% funded through community partners, their vision is to create an innovative environment which empowers students, encourages parents, enriches families and elevates the community.

Our Sound Stage office is in the Orlando where there is also a new Community School, Evans High School.  This school, which is also in an economically challenged area of town, has seen great success with this model, the attendance has risen, the graduation rate was higher and the school grade has improved.  Supporting the entire family is proving to do great things for the future of the children in these districts. 

At Mort Elementary the school is broken into five houses. Perseverance, Courage, Determination, Respect and Loyalty. And, like in the Hogwarts School in the fictional world of Harry Potter, the houses have a little friendly competition.  Each day the points for each house will be displayed on a five display digital signage system.  Sound Stage Project Consultant, Carlyle Carson, used Tightrope Software to create custom content which is delivered to the displays by a BrightSign player.  This system give us the ability to remotely monitor and update content in real time. 

We are happy to have been able to contribute to this new chapter in the life of this school. 

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